Liam Burns and Co provide advice and services in relation to all aspects of a business’ reporting obligations to the Companies Registration Office (CRO), including preparation and submission of forms and documents required by law to be furnished to the CRO.

Unlike many accountancy firms Liam Burns & Co generally provide this service as part of our overall package to clients when preparing accounts and tax returns. The only additional cost is the actual filing fee that is charged be the CRO, and the fees required by the formation company.

There will be an affordable fee, however, if clients wish to avail of this service in isolation.

Like our other services we guarantee that documents will be filed in compliance with regulations and ensure no unnecessary fees are incurred by your business.

Some important forms, dates and information

B1 Annual Return

Probably the most important form is the form B1 – the company’s annual return.* This form includes details of company number, financial year, registered address, directors, shareholders and other general information about the company.

The form is required to be filed with the CRO within 28 days of the companies ARD (Annual Return Date). The ARD can be viewed on the CRO website by doing a company search and is unique to each company. The latest ARD is 9 months after the accounting period end date.

Apart from the first B1 of a company (due within 6 months of formation), the B1 should be accompanied with other relevant documents such as financial statements and auditors report if applicable and the filing fee of €20 (e-filed) or €40 (filed manually).

Late filing fees are €100 plus €3 per day up to a maximum of €1,200.

Failure to file an annual return is a reportable offence to the Director of Corporate Enforcement and directors can be prosecuted.

*If you need assistance in filing your B1 or preparation of related accounts or documents, contact us today at (01)5677380 or use the quick enquiry form.


Form H1R

Failure to file a B1 is also likely to lead to the company being struck off and dissolved.

Where a company is struck off the register for a period less than 12 months, an application can be made to the CRO to restore the company. If the 12 months elapses a Court Order Restoration will be required to restore the company.

Details and Documents required to restore a company within 12 months of strike off:

  • A Completed Form H1 with filing fee of €300
  • All outstanding B1 annual returns with filing fees (€40 per return)
  • Financial Statements for each period as required with each return


Form B10

This form is to be completed where there is a change in details of directors, for example:

  • Change of Address or Name
  • Resignation of a director
  • Appointment of a director

The CRO filing fee is €15 in respect of this, if filed manually or free if filed electronically.


RBN 1 – Registration of Business Name

This form can be completed by sole traders or limited companies in order to set up a business name to trade as. For Example, ABC Construction Services Limited may wish to have a trading name of or AB Construction; or a sole trader, Joe Bloggs may wish to trade under JB Construction.

The CRO filing fee is €20 in respect of this.


Other widely used forms include:

  • A1 – Registering a New Company
  • B2 – Change of company registered office
  • B3 – Change in company registered addresses
  • B5 – Return of Allotments
  • B77 – Notice of Authorisation/Revocation of Electronic Filing Agent
  • B73 – Nomination of new annual return date

For more information or assistance in preparation of any of the above, please contact Liam Burns at (01)5677380 or use the quick enquiry form.

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