You can reduce your tax bill, be compliant and for peace of mind have your returns completed and submitted by a qualified and reputable tax adviser who understands the taxi business!

Liam BurnsLiam Burns is a chartered accountant and also a chartered tax adviser with the Irish Taxation Institute.

Not only does Liam understand the technicalities of submitting tax returns in an efficient manner, he is also well versed in the business with his father, several uncles and many clients/friends being self-employed taxi drivers.

Liam has particular expertise in identifying legitimate business and personal tax-deductible expenses and drafting tax returns to ensure that they meet the criteria of the Revenue Commissioners.

Tax deductible expenses include:

  • Generally, any expenses that are incurred for the purposes of operating the taxi business
  • Accountants’ Fees (yes even our fees are deductible!)
  • Insurance and Road Tax
  • Repairs, Maintenance, Cleaning
  • Fuel Costs
  • Licence Fees
  • NCT Fees
  • Airport Fees
  • Wear and Tear Costs of Car

What information do you need for your Tax return?*

  • Details of all relevant costs and expenses (see above)
  • Details of income received for the year
  • Details of any other Income: PAYE Income (P60), Deposit interest, Dividends
  • Details of any social welfare received
  • Details of any assets sold during the year
  • Details of any gifts or inheritances received
  • Details of any medical expenses
  • Details of your tax credits

*Don’t worry if you do not have all your documentation or information to hand, Liam Burns & Co can provide additional services to assist in getting this material together. For further information online see visit personal taxation guides.

Liam Burns & Co will guide you through getting your returns up to date as efficiently as possible minimising any liabilities, interest and penalties, leaving you with peace of mind. We will ensure that you are aware and avail of all expenses deductible and any reliefs that may apply to you.

Get tax reduction services and your annual accounts filed for €500 ex Vat (the latter is also a tax-deductible expense write-off).

'Hassle-free Tax Clearance Certificate'

Testimonial from Eamon O'Connor - Taxi Driver

‘Using Liam to do my tax returns took the hassle out of taxes, gave me peace of mind and I always got my tax clearance – hassle free’

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