Gone are the days when Budget Day held the Irish nation in its grip. The glorious giveaways of the Celtic Tiger era were followed by the engrossing (albeit gut-wrenching) budgets when our economy fell off a cliff in immediate years post-2008.

Nowadays it’s all fairly humdrum pre-announced/leaked stuff (just like last year’s) all set against the boring new politics backdrop of ‘confidence and supply’ and the perennially suffocating fiscal space.

The Twitterverse did it’s best however…


Budget speech kicked off…without anticipated delays 😉

No change to the pint…or the naggin…

…but some were crying into their fizzy drinks

There was plenty of confidence and supply from FF!


Sunbed VAT rise got glowing praise…

…but some thought it was beyond the pale!


And finally… don’t leave your home unattended tonight!

As a bonus, here is the Liam Burns & Co Guide to Budget 2018…it’s the TL;DR version (with very few laughs).