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Income Tax Submission – 2020 Checklist & Tips

This is your ultimate one page cheat sheet with regard to making your income tax return this year. My name is Liam Burns and I am a chartered tax adviser and accountant and am open for business. Hit the button […]

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Are we better off investing in a buy-to-let property personally or through a company?

Effective Tax rates in the long term are normally higher when property is purchased through a company. However, a cash rich trading company has more buying potential than an individual, who would have to withdraw funds (having to pay Income […]

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Mortgage Interest Tax – A Welcome Relief for Landlords in Budget 2019

Once again just like last year the Budget measures were largely well flagged in advance with few surprises except for no increase in carbon tax and (perhaps less of surprise) a hiking of the VAT rate affecting restaurateurs, hoteliers and […]

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Budget 2017 Highlights: Landlords get a little relief…

Budget 2017 was a well-flagged ‘something for everyone in the audience affair’ but changes in mortgage interest relief for landlords was a relatively welcome, if small, measure. Many of my clients are landlords and contrary to some preconceptions of them […]

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BUDGET 2017 SUBMISSION: Residential Landlords’ Association of Ireland

RLAI SUBMISSION TO GOVERNMENT ON TAXATION ISSUES RELATING TO LANDLORDS To: Cc:, Date: 21 September 2016 Dear Ministers, Please find attached Residential Landlords budget submission for the upcoming budget. Background to Submission Increased supply of private rental […]

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BUDGET 2016: RLAI Submission to Government on Landlord Taxation issues

Supply needs to be increased to cater for the increasing demand for accommodation in Ireland. Encourage new and existing Investors. Background to RLAI submission Residential Landlords Association of Ireland (RLAI) proposes the following recommendations Conclusion We understand that other measures […]

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Landlord’s Guide to Irish Tax and Property

Being an accountant and board member of the Residential Landlords’ Association, I get many people asking me if they should invest in property. Well don’t dive in feet first, I say! Careful planning and calculations of return on investment should […]

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Background to this Pre-Budget Submission to the Minister for Finance >> UPDATE: Read our Budget 2016 submission here With the major shortages in housing and many landlords struggling in negative equity, the government would benefit from assisting landlords in their [...]
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