Embedded below is a clipping from The Sunday Times business section wherein I was profiled in the context of a case study on Life Cover and mortgage protection.

The background to this was when I set up my own business I needed to replace certain risk benefits which I had had with my previous employer.

I dealt with our friends in Ocean Finance who arranged term life cover and illness cover with Caledonian Life which offered the most competitive rates.

One of the real positive outcomes, was that Ocean Finance managed to reduce my own monthly mortgage protection payments (for the same amount of cover) which should save me around €4,000 over the term of the mortgage.

Philip Doyle - Managing Director of Ocean FinanceAs Philip Doyle, Managing Director of Ocean Finance was quoted;

‘When you’re young, you think that you are never going to die or get sick, and life insurance or similar policies like income protection are not at the top of your priority list. It’s only when you get older or get married or have responsibilities that it really kicks in.’

  • If you are interested in seeing if you can get similar savings take a look at their interactive charts here and you can do a quick online enquiry with your details to see by how much you can reduce your mortgage costs.