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Liam Burns profiled in The Sunday Times

Embedded below is a clipping from The Sunday Times business section wherein I was profiled in the context of a case study on Life Cover and mortgage protection. The background to this was when I set up my own business […]

Surviving and Thriving: 12 Tips for The Happy Publican

Over 1,000 pubs have closed since 2007 – mostly due to reasons beyond the control of the publicans e.g. increases in VAT and excise duties, major banking problems, increases in consumption of alcohol at home, cheaper supermarket prices, and a […]

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Background to this Pre-Budget Submission to the Minister for Finance >> UPDATE: Read our Budget 2016 submission here With the major shortages in housing and many landlords struggling in negative equity, the government would benefit from assisting landlords in their [...]
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10 important tax-saving tips for IT contractors in Ireland

It will not come as news to self-employed IT professionals in Ireland that the Revenue Commissioners are casting an eye on this sector. This is in the main focused on the legitimacy or otherwise of having self-employed status (an issue which [...]
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