Liam Burns accountant

We hope you are keeping well and safe. These are unprecedented times in Ireland and around the world – our first thought is that our families, friends, colleagues, clients and wider network are as safe as possible.

To try to assist with slowing the spread of the Coronavirus in Ireland, we have made the decision to close our office premises on Malahide Road, to the public and Clients from 16/03/20 until further notice

– we will keep the situation under review.

We will continue to work and operate as best possible. There will not be the usual opportunity to call in and meet in person at our offices. We will do our utmost to carry out all of our work on a remote basis. The usual contact details (below) will work as normal.

DELIVERY of Documentation

It is still possible to drop information/documentation into our post box at the side of office or if essential, documentation can be left in reception 

– Please ring bell and leave documents on the chair at reception inside office.


If completely essential to meet any of us, please

  1. Arrange an appointment (by phone or email) 
  2. Upon arrival at the premises, phone the office or person you wish to meet

  1. if essential to enter the reception area, sanitise hands,
  2. if essential to proceed beyond the reception area, please wear gloves provided at reception

Accountant: PH: 01  5677380 Email:

MB Solicitors: PH: 01 5677383 Email:

We thank you for your cooperation and wish you all the best in these difficult times